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Lose someone special and want
to keep them close?

At Cremation Creations, we are committed to preserving cherished memories and keeping loved ones close forever.

Stainless steel cremation ring with OP13 opal and ash inlay

Big Red Barn facility for Cremation Creations


Cremation Creations has moved to a new facility. All ashes must be sent to the address below.




About Us

At Cremation Creations, we create personalized jewelry using the ashes of your dear ones. Our collection includes exquisite custom jewelry pieces with crushed opal inlay or semi-precious stones that you can wear and cherish, keeping the memory of your loved one close to your heart. Our store is situated in Escondido, California, and you can browse our website to view all the unique designs we offer. We have something for everyone, from wood rings, keychains, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and custom urns to other keepsakes.

What is Cremation Jewelry?


Cremation Jewelry has been worn more as a statement of love, memory, and grief.  The documented history of cremation jewelry stretches back hundreds of years. Memorial jewelry for ashes, called  Cremation jewelry, holds a tiny amount of a loved one's ashes. This has become quite popular as a way to honor and remember that person or beloved pet. 

Here at Cremation Creations, we provide an assortment of premium cremation jewelry, cremation rings, pendants for ashes, urn necklaces for ashes, keepsake jewelry for ashes, and urn jewelry are available in hundreds of styles.   

Can you do custom?  Yes absolutely! in fact, every piece is custom hand-crafted, and we only work on one item at a time to prevent any mistakes.  Cremation Creations offers silver, gold, rose gold, and other materials for these items.  We have a direct established relationship with an extensive wholesale distributor that sells over $500 million worth every year and they can provide us with the pieces and parts to make the items you seek.

If you do not have ashes we can still accommodate you, as cremation jewelry is not just for ashes.

1.     Flowers - Place dried funeral flowers, scattering petals, a favorite flower, or maybe Forget-Me-Not flower petals encased within the piece. 2.  Sand or Soil - A small pinch of soil from a meaningful place, graveside, cremation jewelry pendant as a way to keep a memory alive. Maybe the pinch of soil can be from a place where you first met or were married. Photograph & Lock of Hair- A small photo combined with a lock of hair instead of ashes.

Military man with dog licking face



Every day, police and military dogs risk their lives to make the world a better place. In appreciation, we will donate 3% of every purchase to a good cause.

Tunnel 2 Towers supporter logo
Official Jeweler to Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation

Cremation Creations honors fallen heroes by creating cremation items for their spouses and relatives. A portion of every purchase goes towards this cause.

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