From time to time, when we have a moment, we like to share the pictures that we have taken or that were provided to us from our lovely clients.  We will always ask for permission, or if you submit it to us, that is an automatic assumption that your ok with us to share.  If you wish to share a picture but would like us only to keep it for our eyes please let us know at the time of sharing.  We love to show off our work, but we value your privacy more out of respect.

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Charm Beads

Pandora Bead Tiffany Blue op 73 (3)
Pandora Bead Black opal 34  (20)
Pandora Bead Black op # 1 op 19 (2)
Pandora Bead  (12)
Pandora Bead  (11)
Pandora Bead  (4)